Redundant IT equipment carries a value. The Tarsus Technology Group, with over three decades of experience in IT Distribution enable value to be recovered from used technology.

'Value Recovery' is an important component of IT Asset Disposal, but not the only consideration. Due to risk in disposing of IT assets, legislation has been introduced. By selling your IT Assets back to Tarsus Dispose-IT, you are assured that the correct framework is in place.

What influences value?

Some classes of used goods have higher values than others, and some have very little after-market value. Some factors that influence value include:

  • Age and Warranty Status: Equipment that still carries a warranty can attract a higher value
  • Commonality: Mass distributed products like desktops/notebooks have a higher value than servers
  • Category: e.g. used printers attract a lower % value than notebooks
  • Removal Process: How complex are the logistics to remove the product
  • Used resale price: Pricing of second hand goods is market driven and ultimately influences what can be offered

How it works?

Speak to your IT dealer or us about a value assessment. You may send us a detailed inventory or we can do an on-site audit. In most instances, the value offer will include all our standard services including removal logistics. Enhanced services are quoted for on request.

Once you accept the offer:

  • We schedule for collection/s
  • Manage the logistics
  • Wipe all data securely
  • Issue compliance certifications

What happens to the equipment after collection?

On return to our warehouse and config centre, the equipment is audited and sorted into

  • electronic waste (e-waste)
  • re-usable assets

e-Waste is processed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Re-usable assets are refurbished and resold under our 'Certified Refurbished' Programme to recover value.