Redundant IT equipment carries a value. The Tarsus Technology Group, with over three decades of experience in IT Distribution enable value to be recovered from used technology.

'Value Recovery' is an important component of IT Asset Disposal, but not the only consideration. Due to risk in disposing of IT assets, legislation has been introduced. By selling your IT Assets back to Tarsus Dispose-IT, you are assured that the correct framework is in place for the disposal of as well as recovering the value of your equipment.

What influences value?

Some classes of used goods have higher values than others, and some have very little after-market value. Some factors that influence value include:

  • Age and Warranty Status: Equipment that still carries a warranty can attract a higher value
  • Commonality: Mass distributed products like desktops and notebooks have a higher value than servers
  • Category: For example, used printers attract a lower percentage value than notebooks
  • Removal Process: How complex are the logistics to remove the product
  • Used resale price: Pricing of second hand goods is market driven and ultimately influences what can be offered

How it works?

Speak to us your IT reseller about a value assessment. You may send us a detailed inventory or we can do an on-site audit. In most instances, the value offer will include all our standard services including removal logistics. Enhanced services are quoted for on request.

Once you accept the offer:

  • We schedule for collection/s
  • Manage the logistics
  • Wipe all data securely
  • Issue compliance certifications

What happens to the equipment after collection?

On return to our warehouse and configuration centre, the equipment is audited and sorted into

  • Electronic waste (e-Waste)
  • Re-usable assets

e-Waste is processed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Re-usable assets are refurbished and resold under our 'Certified Refurbished' Programme to recover value.


Tarsus Dispose-IT facilitates the collection and compliant disposal of e-Waste (Electronic waste) for companies needing to dispose of redundant electronic equipment.

e-Waste comprises of discarded electrical or electronic devices. They can be hazardous to the environment if not disposed of correctly. Companies have a responsibility in terms of legislation to ensure compliant disposal.

Tarsus Dispose-IT ensures the e-Waste is broken down into components for recycling or re-use, thus reducing the environmental impact.

We issue a certificate of compliant disposal, and pay value for e-Waste collected.

How it works?

  • Call us about a collection
  • We do an on-site audit if the e-Waste comprises serialised assets, or schedule a collection of e-Waste
  • We send a vehicle and resources to collect
  • We audit and process the e-waste on receipt at our depot and issue disposal reports

Contact us to schedule a collection


Tarsus subscribes to the Industry Code of Ethics for responsible environmental e-Waste Disposal.


Tarsus Dispose-IT offers a national logistics service for the disposal of IT assets.

Reverse Logistics is a crucial part of the Tarsus Dispose-IT engine. Simply put, it is the process of collecting the assets from the end user desks, storing them, and recording asset and component details, packing the assets for shipment and transportation, and validating their return. This is all tracked electronically, with each step recorded.

Some disposal projects involve thousands of units collected from hundreds of sites nationally. To ensure the safe removal of these assets, this process has to be carefully planned and managed. Companies often require this to be done simultaneously with a refresh of new IT equipment, and require minimal business disruption. We work closely with the IT dealer and end-user company to ensure a seamless and auditable process, from desk to disposal

How it works?

  • Call us about your project or disposal
  • We will guide you regarding the information required to plan or quote on reverse logistics
  • If there is a value offer for the equipment, these services may be included in the offer at no additional cost


Most electronic devices have storage devices. Notebooks, desktops and even copiers contain hard drives or flash memory. When these devices are disposed of, third parties can access sensitive company information. Information can even be retrieved from a formatted hard drive using off the shelf software.

With the introduction of POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act) and the imposed penalties, this has become a bigger concern to companies.

We offer a range of Data Destruction services including

  • Compliant Data Erasure: data is erased using software that meets the requirements of the US Department of Defence international standards (US DoD 5220.22-M). Secure removal of data allows drives to be re-used, a more environmentally sustainable solution.
  • Physical Device Destruction: Storage devices which are damaged, faulty, or cannot be re-used in any way are destroyed and sent for recycling. Our destruction methods ensure data cannot be retrieved. We also offer an on-site service for higher security requirements.
  • Certification: A certificate of data destruction is issued for each serialised storage device, enabling risk mitigation and auditable compliance.


IT Asset Disposal should be compliant with the following relevant legislation:

  • POPI: (Protection of Personal Information Act) requires the complete erasure of personal data from storage devices
  • NEWMA: (National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008) requires the proper disposal of hazardous materials
  • Financial and Taxation legislations require the proper recording of asset disposal

Penalties have been tabled which include up to R10 million in fines and possible jail terms for company directors for non-compliance.

Environmental Disposal

It is essential that a compliant disposal process is used. Some collectors of e-Waste are known to strip out valuable components and dump the hazardous material at municipal dumps. Serial numbers and asset tags are often traceable which could result in heavy penalties for companies and their directors if the It Asset disposal is non-compliant.


We provide an audited end-to-end process for the disposal of assets, and issue all relevant Certificates of Compliance.