Tarsus Dispose-IT offers a national logistics service for the Disposal of IT Assets.

‘Reverse Logistics’ is a crucial part of the Tarsus Dispose-IT engine. Simply put, it is the process of collecting the assets from the end user desks, storing them, and recording asset and component details, packing the assets for shipment and transportation, and validating their return. This is all tracked electronically, with each step recorded.

Some disposal projects involve thousands of units collected from hundreds of sites nationally. To ensure the safe removal of these assets, this process has to be carefully planned and managed.

Companies often require this to be done simultaneously with a 'refresh' of new IT equipment, and require minimal business interruption.

We work closely with the IT dealer and end-user company to ensure a seamless and auditable process, from 'desk to disposal'

How it works?

  • Call us about your project or disposal;
  • We will guide you regarding the information required to plan or quote on reverse logistics;
  • If there is a value offer for the equipment, these services may be included in the offer at no additional cost;