Tarsus Dispose-IT supports its Reseller Channel in the provision of compliant IT Asset Disposal services.

  • If you are a Reseller and are interested in signing up as an Asset Disposal Partner, please contact us.
  • If you are a Company and would like to check if your Reseller is certified by us, please contact us.

As a Reseller, why work with Dispose-IT?

IT Asset Disposal is no longer about disposing or selling of redundant equipment to the highest bidder. Even handing equipment over to staff or CSI initiatives need to be managed carefully.

The process of disposal for your customer is frought with risks including business continuity, logistics, data loss, environmental risks and more. Part of this passes to you, the IT Reseller in the process. We offer a framework that supports resellers to offer the best service, underpins a successful IT refresh, and offers value to both you and your client.

Resellers are required to maintain the same code of ethics and standards as we do at Tarsus Dispose-IT.

“Dispose-IT handled the disposal and logistics of over 15,000 units of notebooks and desktops for our client nationally. We were able to focus on the refresh of IT hardware with virtually no business interruption ”

Samantha Jones, Project Manager