Most electronic devices have storage devices. Notebook, Desktops, and even copiers contain hard drives or flash memory. When these devices are disposed of, third parties can access sensitive company information. Information can even be retrieved from a formatted hard drive using off the shelf software.

With the introduction of POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act) and the imposed penalties, this has become a bigger concern to companies.

We offer a range of Data Destruction services including

  • Compliant Data Erasure - data is erased using software that meets the requirements of the US Department of Defense international standards (US DoD 5220.22-M). Secure removal of data allows drives to be re-used, a more environmentally sustainable solution.
  • Physical Device Destruction - Storage devices which are damaged, faulty, or cannot be re-used in any way are destroyed and sent for recycling. Our destruction methods ensure data cannot be retrieved. We also offer an on-site service for higher security requirements.
  • Certification - A certificate of data destruction is issued for each serialised storage device, enabling risk mitigation and auditable compliance.